Tickets can only be reserved via our booking number. You will be requested for your name, telephone number, car make/model and
also registration. No details collected will be sold or passed on to 3rd parties unless requested from us for reasons of track and trace.
You will also be able to purchase tickets on the doors, though they may be limited, telephone reservation is advised.
No payments will be made until you turn up for the event.
If, for any reason, the event needs to be cancelled you will be notified via phone no later than 2 hours before the event.
This will help towards re-planning your day or making a new reservation for another day.
The only reason we can see the event would need to be cancelled would be extreme weather.
Payments will be made and cars checked in at a booth we will have on site that will have all the correct PPE in place.
Payments accepted will be card and cash.
Vehicles are priced at £20 per vehicle, with vehicles larger than 7 seats not allowed on site and larger will be parked at the back.
Food is available on site, via drive thru booth only.
You will be required to turn your car engine off once parked inside your bay and car engine not to be turned on until end of performance.
If you need assistance during the performance please put your hazard lights on and a parking attendant will attend to you.
Once the performance ends, you will be directed to the exit, row by row by a parking attendant. Please do not start your engine until instructed. Your safety is our priority.
Once inside your bay you will be allowed to exit your vehicle but please do stay inside your parking bay.
The whole event field is a one-way system, please follow arrows on the ground.
The event grounds open 1 hour 30 minutes before each performance time.
There are 2 performances a day at 5pm and 8pm apart from Sunday the 19th of July @ 8pm Only.
For any other information please call our information/reservation on 07508 584 811 open from 10am to 10pm daily.
Toilets are on site but are one in one out use.
Please respect social distancing while on the event site.
Entrance to site is only allowed via vehicle and not on foot. You must enter the site via your vehicle
There are automatic hand sanitizers at points of contact, at the ticket booth, the food booth and at the toilets entrance.
All staff on site will be wearing the correct PPE equipment.
Each performance lasts approx 1 hour with no interval.

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